5 Effective Reading Strategies For Students

5 Effective Reading Strategies For Students

Reading can be very frustrating to students, more especially when you don’t apply the Effective Reading strategies that works perfectly . We have b

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Reading can be very frustrating to students, more especially when you don’t apply the Effective Reading strategies that works perfectly .

We have been seeing some students asking for effective reading strategies to help them improve their reading habit, today we have decided to share with you 5 Effective Reading strategies that works perfectly for students .

The essence of this post is for you to put everything  into practice, o

therwise reading it without putting it into work is useless, so take action.

Make sure you read this post to the end so as to get all the points, so let us dive into the post in details.

Good Reading Habits To follow as a Student


Get a convenient Timetable

one of the ways to ensure an effective reading is by compiling a timetable of all the subjects/courses you are offering for the term or semester.

This timetable will help you allocate time to the subjects /courses you are offering according to their credit hours or according to how important they are to you.

Constructing a convenient timetable will not only help you allocate time to the courses you are offering, it will also help you to give high priority to the courses you find difficult or the most important ones.

The timetable will also let you choose the convenient time for your reading without clashing with other activities you have scheduled.


Read Ahead Of Time

This strategy is very effective for students who are studying in the various high schools (secondary school) and colleges (Universities, Polytechnics, college of Education, Monotechnics) who are always given an examination as method of grading to determine their performance.

Many students wait until the examination period is close before making preparations for their examination, and they end up being frustrated in the examination hall which has lead so many students into cheating.

If you are among this category, I have good news for you today.

You can actually overcome all this frustration by starting early enough, don’t wait for your teacher or lecturer to finish the whole outline before you start your reading your books. Make sure you read ahead of time, remember that “the early birds eats the best worm” nothing less noting more.

Preparing ahead of time will make you to be a little bit relaxed during the examination period thereby eliminating frustration from your system.


Write down the important points

This method of reading has proven to be effective over the years.

All you need is a jotter and pen, the procedure involves putting the main points or ideas in your reading down. The essence of this is for you to have a reminder or a kind of written script which can be used as a revision paper.

Reading the whole textbooks all the time may appear tedious and cumbersome, which is the main reason why most students don’t read at all.

Putting the main ideas down in your reading will give you a handy reminder which can help you during revision.

Keep your Mobile phone out of sight

This is the major problem that has eaten deep into the students of this generation. It is very difficult to see students who read their books for about 30 minutes without pressing their mobile phones.

Pressing your phone while reading brings distraction and confusion into the system, this will make you lose concentration.

It is advisable to put your phone on silent, and keep it where it would be out of sight for effective reading.


Take Balanced Diet

The brain consumes more energy than any other organ in the human body.

This might look funny right? , Yes.

Folks who have no knowledge of how the human body functions will disagree to this, but it is the real truth.

For you to concentrate while reading, your body system needs to be balanced with all the food nutrients in their rightful proportion.

This can only be achieved through taking a balanced diet.

Students who take balanced diet stand a chance of reading well compared to those who take unbalanced diet.

Like I said earlier, the effectiveness of this post can be achieved only by putting everything I have tabled down here into practice.

Make sure you take them as a habit and see how your reading habit is going to improve within a short while.


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