How to Graduate With High CGPA – For University And Polytechnic Students

How to Graduate With High CGPA – For University And Polytechnic Students

We observed over the years that 70% of students in the various Universities and polytechnics always graduate with Low CGPA, which denies most of them

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We observed over the years that 70% of students in the various Universities and polytechnics always graduate with Low CGPA, which denies most of them job opportunities thereby making them frustrated.
In this post, we are going to share with you how to graduate with High CGPA in any course of study.

Graduate With High CGPA

Choosing Your Dream Course: we highly recommend that students should choose a course they have passion for while applying for any program in the various universities and polytechnics.
Passion can drive you to do exploit in your course of Study. It is quite impossible to graduate with high CGPA in a course you don’t have passion for unless you developed it along the line, which might be too late.
Sometimes, parents hinder their children from studying their dream course, which has made many students to lose interest in academics as the year passes.
Haven known all these, we urge you to choose your dream course while opting in for any polytechnic or university program.

Choosing Friends who are Intelligent and Serious: Let’s assume that you have gotten admission. It would be disastrous thing to follow unserious friends who only think of partying without caring about their academic performance.
It is highly recommended that you follow friends who are conscious of their CGPA from the onset, battle it with them together and emerge victoriously at last.
Note: Avoid any intelligent student, who can’t offer you anything, Most of them oppress their fellow students with their knowledge maybe with the mindset of becoming the best graduating student or whatever. Once you have made good choice of friends, you are almost close to getting a high CGPA.

Read Ahead Of Time: One of the characteristics of students with high CGPA is reading ahead of time. Once the course outline has been given by the lecturer, make sure you cover topics before they are being taught in the class so as to have a clear picture of what the lecturer is saying.
Studying ahead of time will give you an advantage over your fellow students, and also during the examination period. Once you develop the habit of reading ahead of time, you are close to Garnering a high CGPA.

Organize Group Reading With Your Friends: Organizing a group reading with your friends and some other serious students is another good way of building yourself up for a better score during the examination. The aim of the group reading to table any difficulty you might have encountered while studying alone, maybe someone can help you trash it by throwing more lights on it. Most students understand things better when it is being explained by their fellow students, unlike the lecturer’s explaination which is always shallow in nature.

Group reading boosts your confidence and eliminates inferiority complex from you, thereby giving you a cutting edge to garnering a high CGPA.

Revise Past Questions: Revising and studying past questions is another way of getting familiar with questions you are likely to see during the examination. Past questions presents to you a clear insight of what the examination questions are going to look like.
You can get past questions by making friends with those in higher levels in the same department as you. Make sure you photocopy all the years, and don’t forget to also study it together with your reading group.

Aim for “A’s”: Never Settle for less, always aim for High grades, aim for A’s and never go below B. Most First class graduates and second class upper graduates always aimed for A’s in the various courses they were offering.

Involve In All Class Activities: When I mean class activities, am referring to activities like assignment, quiz or test, attendance, practical work, group work etc. Engaging in all this group activities will help you get the marks which will in turn combine with your examination score to give you high grades.

Maintain a cordial Relationship with Your Lecturers and Course Mates: maintaining a cordial relationship with your fellow students and lecturers will go a long way in helping your CGPA. You never can tell who will help anytime or any day.

Allocate More Time To Courses with High Credit Unit: Scoring A’s in courses with high credit units will give a boost to your CGPA. Always make sure you devote more time to courses with high credit units, by so doing you are close to graduating with a high CGPA.

Always eat good Food: In as much as we understand how challenging it is for a student to eat a good food containing all the nutrients in their rightful amount, that doesn’t mean we should deviate from the truth. Students who eat good food stand the chance of studying longer than those who stuff their stomach with junk and unhealthy foods. When you cultivate the habit of eating good food, you will always be sound and healthy throughout the semester. Good health is an advantage so long as academics is involved.

Always Remember To Pray: many students fail to commit their studies into the hand of God, maybe believing in their own strength alone and neglecting the goodness of the Lord. Always remember to pray and summit yourself into the precious hand of God. Without God we can do virtually Nothing.

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