How To Score High in Jamb: Score 250+ in Jamb

How To Score High in Jamb: Score 250+ in Jamb

You are ready to write jamb I guess but the problem is you want to write your jamb and pass it in one sitting without any hitch. you are not alone,

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You are ready to write jamb I guess but the problem is you want to write your jamb and pass it in one sitting without any hitch.

you are not alone, in this post am going to share with you How to score High in jamb.

how to score high in jamb

how to score high in jamb

all you need to do is to apply all the instructions am going to list for you below on how to score  high in jamb, and you are good to go.


Passing jamb could be very difficult, more especially for those writing for the first time.
Many people fail jamb because they think it’s a matter of how intelligent and the extent they have read, that’s not true.

Many intelligent students fail jamb on yearly basis without understanding the secrets of scoring high in jamb.


So let’s get into business without wasting time.

How To score high in jamb


  • Get a timetable

I mentioned about setting up a convenient timetable in our last post on Effective Reading strategies that works perfectly
,You can check it out later.
Setting up a timetable for your studies will give you the opportunity to allocate the appropriate time to each subject, it will also help you in prioritizing a particular subject depending on how difficult or how important the subject is to you. Make sure you allocate more time to the subjects you find very difficult, this will help you settle some issues in the examination hall.


  • Study past questions

The Easiest way to pass jamb is by studying past questions.
Jamb repeats questions every now and then, and there is no way they cannot repeat questions. Always make sure you get the past questions to the four subjects you are offering, this will help you master questions you are going to see in the examination.
The idea of studying past questions has proven to be more effective than any other technique.

It would look very cumbersome to start reading the whole textbook, so make sure you study with past questions and refer to the textbook whenever you are confused.


  • Enroll into A jamb lesson

Jamb lesson will help keep your brain active and focused while preparing you for the task ahead.
It is important that you enroll into a jamb lesson to help you remain focused.
There are many benefits of attending a jamb lesson, but we are going to highlight those that are more  important.

Jamb lesson will help you build confidence through socialization, jamb lesson will help you erase every inferiority complex and low self-esteem in you.
Many jambites who attended jamb lesson scored high in jamb compared to those who did not attend any lesson at all.


  • Practice with Jamb CBT Software

No matter how intelligent you might be if you don’t practice with jamb CBT softaware, your success is not assured.
Jamb CBT software serves as a demo or a kind of preliminary test that will help you examine and re-examine yourself before going into the jamb hall.

CBT software also gives you the opportunity to master computer Manipulation and how to select your answers in the examination hall.
Remember that jamb is not going to teach you all these things, it is your duty to make sure that you put in your best so as to get a high score in jamb.

The jamb CBT software also helps you in timing, which is a very important aspect of the examination.
It helps you to Manage your time judiciously, to avoid the computer from shutting down before you are done.


  • Believe in yourself

There is no limit to what you can achieve once you believe in yourself.
Failure starts from the mind, once you start telling yourself that you cannot do it, forget it you have failed already.
Many students go as far as hiring a mercenary who is going to help them in jamb.
Let me tell you something, jamb uses a CCTV camera in all the examination centres so don’t try fooling yourself by bringing in a mercenary.
They are going to withhold your result, and their is nothing you can do about it.

Many students also fall easily to those online scammers who call themselves runs masters.
There is nothing like jamb runs, jamb sets their question with a logical random arrangement which will make it impossible for your question to tally with anybodies own.

My number 1 question might be your number 20. So the idea of Runs can never work.

So always believe in yourself, and always believe that you can do it at all time.

Scoring high in jamb is not that easy, but with good reading habits and technical planning you can do it perfectly without any hitch.