How To Pass Waec In One Sitting- 5 Effective Ways

How To Pass Waec In One Sitting- 5 Effective Ways

Passing your Waec in one sitting could be very challenging, but with proper planning, comprehensive study guide, and good study habit everything becom

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Passing your Waec in one sitting could be very challenging, but with proper planning, comprehensive study guide, and good study habit everything becomes easier.

We have observed that the failure in WAEC examination has been on the increase over the years, So we decided to publish a comprehensive post which could go a long way solving most of the problems resulting in the failure of students.

Make sure you read the post to the end and also don’t forget to apply the guidelines on How to pass WAEC in one sitting given below to get effective results.


Guidelines On How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting

1. Draw A Study Plan:  one of the most effective ways to make your WAEC  papers in one sitting is by first of all drawing an intensive study plan which must be followed accordingly in other to achieve the goals of drawing plan.

A good study plan should include drafting a very intensive time table according to the subjects you are sitting, your focus should be on those key subjects you are about to write.

The time to study those courses must be followed effectively and on no account should you use the time for a particular drafted course for another. If you are a science or an art student, you should note the general courses you are sitting in for.

The subjects of your speciality should have a long study time frame to enable you to cover up your WAEC scheme of work because those head courses are more difficult than your general courses which you must have been treating all along form your junior secondary.

A good study plan should include mapping out a good study environment to enable you to understand whatever you will study which might include calculations, experiments, and even formulas and derivations.

NOTE: Certain subjects are well understood under particular environments and weather conditions.

For instance, mathematical courses should be scheduled during the morning periods when the weather is calm or in the evening to avoid the distraction of any form due to weather conditions and activities. A comprehensive and intensive study plan produces tremendous aid to enable you to pass your  WAEC examination in one sitting.


2. Have A Good And Comprehensive study Guide: While preparing for your WAEC examination, you should know that having a good study guide is very vital because It will help avoid the stress of reading a whole textbook just to pass your exams.

Questions are coming from vast topics so is important you read in between lines, study with WAEC  syllables and scheme of work to enable you to have in mind the particular topics you will focus on so you don’t waste your time reading irrelevant topics.

It is true that no knowledge is a waste, but the exam you sitting for is quite a difficult task, so you ought to be conscious so that you will be able to clear your exams just in one sitting because to much study cases in your head makes will affect your concentration.


3. Study Past Questions: On our Last Post on How to pass jamb, We mentioned studying your past questions before the exam period As This will help you tackle most of the questions you are going to see.

Reading WAEC past questions is one of the major top secrets which enables and helps you to sit for your WAEC  papers and clear them just in one sitting because they keep your mind and brain refreshed, and also informs you of the kind of questions you will see.

Waec does repeat questions, it would be a bonus to you by setting your eyes on a particular question you have come across.

4. Develop A Good Study Habit: A good study habit entails that you should have rules and conditions to keep your self while preparing for a serious examination such as WAEC.

Some Bad Study habit includes:

  • Reading while lying on the bed.
  • Engaging in discussions with people while reading at the same time.

you don’t lay on the bed to read even laying on anything at all is abhorring, you will definitely sleep away so soon when you haven’t read anything.

Sitting on a well-relaxed chair is inappropriate because you get tired easily and you will cover nothing in your scheme while your exams are fast approaching.

Note: Understand Your best reading condition, some read well with soft songs on their ears while some people can’t.

Everybody can’t have the Same principle of understanding at the same time, that is why you need to figure out what best works for you.

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Some people Comprehend better in a very calm environment, so they don’t need music and rhythms before they read.

5. Study With A Pen And Jotter:  It is very important that while reading your books, you read with your pen and jotter to enable you to jot down the vital points, solve mathematical expressions, and also for fast referencing purpose. This is has been to be one of the most effective and intensive reading practice. West African examination council had made it compulsory that any candidate sitting for the examination must credit at least five out of the nine subjects he or she is offering, English and Mathematics compulsory inclusive.

Clearing your papers in one sitting is very much obtainable if the above principle is well adopted and adhered to.  make your WAEC  examination just in one sitting. do not believe those saying you can’t make it without malpractice, believe in yourself do not doubt your abilities to the success we are here on to give you the information you need to pass your WAEC in one sitting.