5 Reasons Why Nigerian Students Join Secret Cults

5 Reasons Why Nigerian Students Join Secret Cults

In this post I am going to Share with you the major reasons why Nigerian students join secret cults. For quite a long time in Nigeria, many people

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In this post I am going to Share with you the major reasons why Nigerian students join secret cults.

For quite a long time in Nigeria, many people have mistaken Confraternities to be secret cults.

Confraternities were established with quality noble ideas to take the Nigerian Educational system to the Next level.

They were registered and established bodies on the different Nigerian campuses. The first confraternity that ever existed in Nigeria has its origin from the University of Ibadan.

They were referred to as the pyrates, of which the Noble laureate Award winner Wole Soyinka was among the people that started it with the sole aim of protecting the rights of Nigerian students from being abused by many unwholesome racists.

Their Movements were non-violent, and they strive so much to protect the right of every student present in the campus without segregation and nepotism.

They option of joining were made open to every student but with rigid selection, many Nigerian Students didn’t meet the condition for enrollment and were disqualified from joining the confraternity.

Those who were disqualified for not meeting the criterion for membership united to form their own group, and that is how secret cult started.

Cultism started From the various Nigerian Universities and polytechnics, before spreading to the various Nigerian Streets and communities, which has become a major menace in our present day.

We are not going to lay more emphasis on the origin of cultism in Nigeria to avoid us from deviating from our main topic.

So let us get in to the main business.

Reasons Why Students Join Secret Cults

The reasons why Nigerian Students join cults are enormous, and  also depends on the individual involved.

We are going to pick the most common reasons why Nigerian students join secret cults based on past interviews from students who were caught in the act that later confessed their reasons for joining.


  • For Protection: Many Nigerian Students more especially the female ones who are the weaker gender join the various cult groups with the bid for protection. Every Cult group in the various Nigerian in universities gives their newly initiated members the assurance of maximum security. But are they really protected? , this is a question for another day. Many of them intimidate the non members with the slang “which umbrella cover you” Just to make them feel inferior.


  • Peer group influence: Nigerian students who joined cults today were mainly as a result of peer pressure. Their friends are always persuading them to join their own cult group by telling them all the sweet benefits like having the most beautiful girls in the campus, becoming famous among students etc. Those ones who are easily convinced will succumb to the pressure without further delay, that is the reason why students are advised during campus orientation to know the type of friends they will keep to avoid such pressures.


  • Revenge: Many Nigerian Students Join secret cults to fight back their fellow students who wronged them in one way or the other. Many are forced to join the opposition cult to avenge a bully from other cult members who molested them in the past. Thirty percent of Nigerian students join cult just to revenge those who offended them in the past.


  • Low self-esteem: Those who find it difficult to express themselves are always brainwashed into joining secret cults with the bid to boasting their self-esteem. They are finally engaged into smoking Indian hemps and using different intoxicating drugs just to build confidence. The question here is does it really work?, the answer is no.


  • To gain Power: Many cult groups brainwash their newly initiated members by giving them the assurance for power of control. They are always told that the lecturers will succumb to their actions and their peers will hold them at high esteem or probably take them as lords.

We  compiled this  article to help you know the major reasons why students join secret cults.

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